Asthma Care

Did you know:

  • A recent study found more than 50% of children with asthma had a severe asthma attack in the last year?
  • Only 53% of children with severe asthma and 63% of children with moderate asthma used a medication for daily maintenance therapy last month?
  • As many as 30% of children with asthma thought that their short-acting "rescue" medication was for long-term asthma control?
  • The majority of hospitalizations for asthma, in children and adults, may be due to poor adherence with using inhaled steroids?

In March 2000, Karpa completed an advanced certificate training program to provide patient counseling in Respiratory Care.  Since then, Karpa has put together a three-module training program to counsel and educate patients who have asthma.


The goals of patient asthma education are intended to:


  • Reduce day time asthma attacks
  • Reduce night time asthma symptoms
  • Decrease emergency room visits
  • Improve Peak Flow Meter utilization and results


The three educational modules include the following components:         


  • Module 1: Basic information about asthma, peak-flow monitoring, asthma symptom diaries
  • Module 2:  Developing an Asthma Management Plan & identifying triggers
  • Module 3:  Optimizing Therapy - Understanding medications for controlling acute & chronic symptoms


During these sessions, Karpa will provide patients with a Peak Flow Meter and educate patients how Peak Flow Meters can predict acute asthma attacks before they occur.


Karpa will explain your medications to you, so you know how your various inhalers (and/or oral medications) work, when the medications should be used, and what each medication is intended to do. 


In conjunction with your physician, Karpa will also devise an asthma management plan for your medications and teach you how these medications can be used, with your Peak Flow Meter results, to prevent acute asthma attacks.


Spacers may also be provided for some patients during asthma consultations.