Offering Medication Therapeutic Management Services

What is Medication Therapeutic Management?

Have you ever felt that your doctor was too busy to answer your drug questions? Does your pharmacist always have time to sit down with you to address all your drug-related concerns? Have you ever wished you could have unlimited access to a health care professional that understands medications and how they work?

Patients often take multiple drugs and don't always know why they are taking the medications or what the medications are supposed to do.

Patients may not be aware of the side effects that their medications cause.  Often patients feel worse after they start taking prescription drugs, rather than better.  Some patients even take multiple medications to counteract the side effects of each other. 

If you would like to talk to a knowledgeable pharmacist and PhD pharmacologist about your medication therapies, Karpa would be happy to counsel and educate you about your medications.  

Prior to all consultations, Karpa requires that you complete the necessary Consent Form, Disclosure Agreement, and Health History Questionnaire.  After each consultation, Karpa sends your doctor a follow-up letter to apprise him/her of your concerns and her recommendations.